Frequently Asked Question(FAQ) Car Repair Service in Hyderabad

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<strong>Frequently Asked Question(FAQ) Car Repair Service in Hyderabad</strong>


Q. Which is the best car repair service in Hyderabad?

A. TOP 5 VENDOR is the best car repair service in Hyderabad.  We try to provide our customers with the best car repair in Hyderabad experience for the vehicles of our customers. We strive to offer quality car repair near me services at affordable prices. Talking about the list of services, we provide repairs, cleaning, car denting/painting, and detailing, and wheel alignment among others.

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Q. What are the types of car service? 


  • General service (Oil change, filter change)
  • Wheel alignment service
  • Turbocharger service
  • Paint shops service
  • Engine rebuilders
  • Battery service

Q. Which brand are you service? 

A. We Service every brand and model. TATA, KIA, SUZUKI, VW, Škoda, BMW, AUDI, HYUNDAI, HONDA.


A. Our mechanics which are associated with TOP 5 VENDOR offering car repair services in Hyderabad have well-trained car mechanics near me who know how to inspect and repair various parts of a car. People can take their vehicle to car repair centers for change of spare parts, minor technical repairs, inspection of car, etc. Your car should be serviced every 6 months or every 10,000 KMS, whichever comes first. General service is highly recommended to help keep your car running smooth and hassle-free.

Q. Doorstep Services are available?

A. Yes, doorstep service is available in our company. Doorstep services reach from minor repairs to general service. There is a visiting charge that has to be paid in advance. If the service requires major work that can only be carried out at the garage, The mechanic would tow your Car to the workshop. After the technician picks up the car repair shop near me, and it enters the service center, an initial inspection is done, and an estimated amount is shared with you. Once you approve the amount, the work starts. You receive real-time notifications during the service.

Q. How I check my engine oil?

A. First, make sure that you are parked on level ground, for the most accurate reading.

Next, safely prop your hood open and find the dipstick (which generally has a brightly colored handle, usually orange, and has the word OIL labeled on them).

Pull the dipstick out and wipe it down with a towel or rag, and then replace it into the engine, making sure that it goes all the way in.

Now, pull the dipstick back out- and be sure NOT to turn the stick upside down to read, as the oil will run, and you will not have an accurate reading. The dipstick will have two marks on the bottom (typically lines or holes in the stick), and you can read the oil level by looking to see where the oily section and dry section meet. If you find this mark between the two, then you are all set.

Q. How I increase my fuel efficiency?


Plan your trips: Try to accomplish multiple things in 1 trip. You can also try to carpool or walk to your destination. This won’t decrease fuel consumption, but will help you drive less, which means less gas.

Do Not Speed: If you are on the highway, driving 100kph instead of 110kph will save you 1–2 kilometers per liter over the duration of your trip. Try using your cruise control, it reduces fuel consumption by maintaining a constant speed.

Throttle Less: Accelerate and brake with ease. You will save on fuel as well as wear and tear on your brakes.

Don’t warm up: Thanks to new technology, most modern cars only really need 30 seconds to get warm.

Windows up: Having the windows down on the highway can decrease fuel economy by up to 10 percent.

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